The Short Tail

I think my blog is in the "pile of bodies"

Big Weekend at BarCamp

I spent the weekend at barcamp in NYC. Lots of cool conversations, interesting things learned and people met. I blogged a bit about it and did 5 podcasts, all over at [|Civi

Narcissistic use pf a Flickr Hack

I just remembered these yahoo hacks that i saw at DrupalCon in amsterdam, and I played around a bit with the Flickr one.
Click here to see some pictures of me from flickr

Posting with Flock

I am testing a post with Flock

State of the Union: Live Back Channel

I have been talking about this for what seems like ages. Ever since i went to my first conference with live back channel chat projected above the heads of the speakers. I think it was the PDF in 2004. The idea is that during big national political televised events, like debates, conventions, state of the union.... events that are carried on major media outlets uninterrupted... you have a live IRC or similar type of back channel chat where smart folks can talk about the event, point out lies, or truths, crack wise, etc.

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