Thomas Friedman Doesn't Get It, Clean Coal is Impossible

Sunday's NYT brings with it (nearly every week) Thomas Friedman's column.

Site upgraded to Drupal 6

It may or may not be obvious to you, but I upgraded my site recently to Drupal 6, I used the Acquia distribution of drupal, figuring it had a bunch of modules i was going to use, and then I added a

Blog Actions Day 2009: October 15th

I just signed up for Blog Action Day 2009.  The topic is Climate Change, or as some are starting to call it: Climate Disruption. My actualy blog post will probably be filed on The CivicActions blog, but I'll be sure to copy it hear as well.

My Ignite Seattle Presentation On Green Cabs

On August 3rd I presented on the topic of Green Taxi Cabs at Ignite Seattle.

Going to Gnomedex This Year

This year, for the first time since I have been in Seattle, I plan to attend Gnomedex.

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