Riding on the Burke Gilman Trail

Late last month I topok an afternoon to go on a bike ride with Hope. I took my camera with me and shot this little video while riding on the Burke Gilman Trail. (video after the jump)

Deanna Zandt on the Lower East Side

I had the opportunity to talk to Deanna Zandt while I was in NY. We talked about her upcoming move from the Lower East Side to the South Side of Williamsburg. (video link after the jump)

Thank You Harry Taylor

[l:http://www.civicactions.com/node/325|Fen blogged] about [l:http://www.thankyouharrytaylor.org|ThankYouHarryTaylor.org]. Dan also had a conversation with the organizer of the site and the [l:http://thankyouharrytaylor.blogspot.com/|coordinated actions this Saturday] to the "Thank Harry Taylor" for giving us all voice.

As I prepare for the Passover Holiday

I thought I would share two recent links that came across my laptop recently:

Jewcy carries some kitch apparel with slogans like "Shalom Motherfucker" and "A great Miracle Happened Here"

Site Maintenance, please check back soon

I am doing some maintenance on my site. please check back soon.

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