Revisionist History, Political Hacks and Reporting

I just finished the Mark Warner profile piece in the NYT Magazine/

Mark seems like a good guy. Would probably make a good president and will be a decent candidate, he might be able to capture the nomination. But do the dems really want Mark Warner? He would be perhaps the most centrist democratic presidential candidate in history. Haven't we realized we can't beat the republicans by being the tru compassionate conservatives? That is not the point of this post though.

God Awful Highways

They call Seattle the Emerald City (or something like that i think..) And it is pretty nice, the lakes, the Cherry Blossoms, the mountains, the sound.... But the traffic! the horrible and inexplicable traffic jams on the awful highways! There are two major highways that run through the city, the 5 and 99. I have gotten stuck in traffic on the 5 at the most bizarre times! 2 pm on a saturday heading sounth bound just south of down town. 11:15 am heading north bound on a sunday just north of down town, and then at 1:45pm the same sunday south bound just south of downtown.

It's Been a while

It has been a while since i have blogged over here. Things are great in seattle. I made a trip back to new york about a week or so ago (i guess two weeks now) and i'll be back in Ny in early April.

Something Reasuring about the Space Needle

There is something very reasuring about the space needle. I have not been there yet, but it is THE dominant feature of the Seattle Skyline for me. I can see it from the couch where I sit writing this (and working almost every day) and it is visible from almost every intersection in my neighborhood.

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