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A day of website work

I just spent the last few hours working on websites, including this one. My task list was long: Upgrade my drupal site from 4.6.x to 5.7. I am glad to say that this is DONE!

RIP Alt.Coffee: The end of an era

Last week I was back in NY and walking down Avenue A. I ran into Judy Bodor, wife of Nick, the owner of Alt.Coffee. She mentioned to me that Alt would be closing this week after nearly 12 years! The NY Times marks the passing in an article today.

I'm now a "member" CivicActions, LLC

Yesterday I signed a membership agreement with CivicActions,LLC and I am now one of 5 members of the LLC. In addition to me, George Frost, our General Council, is also now a member.

October 3rd Day Against DRM

October 3rd is the Day Against DRM.

Check out for more information.

CivicActions is looking for Engineers

From the CivicActions Blog:

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