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Share and Share Alike

There is an interesting article in the Economist about open-source as a movement and a model for the sharing of resources other than human technical skill in software development. The few that are raised are processing power, bandwith and hardrive storage space. What if these resources were used to make a distributed automated call center?

A school of guppies in a purple ocean...

This morning I recieved an email from's Bob Fertik, it was really an email from Andy Stern
President of SEIU promoting their "army of guppies" campaign at

I read both messages (they were pretty short and to the point) there were multiple links to take the same action (which i always like) and i clicked one, went to the website and used their activist tool to email some friends about the campaign. I was able to write my own message subject and my own message. I would say the functionality was pretty good. They offer a map that shows where current participants in the campaign are located and another color shows where my network is. Now i wonder if i willg et lots of yellow dots showing the people i emailed in florida and california (if those people visit the site and sign up.)

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