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"These are people who are politically driven..."

The New York Times reported a quote from George Bush earlier this week (it might have been last weekend, i tore the quote out but didn't note the date). that caught my eye for the extreme absurdity of it.

Sure has been a while...

It sure has been a while since I last blogged over here, or over at CivicActions. I've been pretty busy with work, and catching up on things here in NY. I am getting ready to head out in about a week for Seattle, but I won't be there for long, I fly to Amseterdam in mid September, then back to Seattle, then drive to Canada for Web Of Change. Then at the end of September I'll be coming back to NY for about a week, then back to Seattle. Then I'll be down in San Francisco in mid October, then back to Seattle, then off to New Orleans for the weekend before Halloween. Then to New York, then back to Seattle.

Craig's List Enables Crime, Shut It Down

If newspapers running classified ads were anything like th record companies and the RIAA, reports like these would be a jumping off point for a campaign to shut down the popular classifieds site,

Riding on the Burke Gilman Trail

Late last month I topok an afternoon to go on a bike ride with Hope. I took my camera with me and shot this little video while riding on the Burke Gilman Trail. (video after the jump)

Deanna Zandt on the Lower East Side

I had the opportunity to talk to Deanna Zandt while I was in NY. We talked about her upcoming move from the Lower East Side to the South Side of Williamsburg. (video link after the jump)
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