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It's Been a while

It has been a while since i have blogged over here. Things are great in seattle. I made a trip back to new york about a week or so ago (i guess two weeks now) and i'll be back in Ny in early April.

Something Reasuring about the Space Needle

There is something very reasuring about the space needle. I have not been there yet, but it is THE dominant feature of the Seattle Skyline for me. I can see it from the couch where I sit writing this (and working almost every day) and it is visible from almost every intersection in my neighborhood.

Video Blogging!

I've started doing some video blogging:
I have posted some videos over at and rather than posting them all inline here, you can just go over there and watch them.

Announcing ButchrPapr

[l:|Me Talkin

Hello Seattle, Hello Sun?

That is a seattle sunset in January.
I left new york it was 60 degrees (and from what i hear it is stayed unseasonably warm). When i got to seattle their rain streak (30 day of rain or something) seemed to break. We have had some sun almost every day, and a few glorius days like the one above, and this one below:

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