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Post Election News Diet

Yesterday was rough.  I am not usually an electoral optimist -- well maybe I actually am, having worked for many underdogs I held out hope even after returns started to come in showing by candidate slipping behind -- but in the last few weeks I really could not believe that the Republican party energized by Koch brothers funded Tea Party activists and candidates like some crazed frat boys hopped up on Redbull and Vodka would stand so victorious on election day.  I was certain that they would crash and burn across the board.  It does look like the worst candidates were defeated, but that is small consolation. 

It is not that I am sad to see so many centrist "Blue Dog" Democrats loose seats that they won on Obama's coat tails just two years ago.  As I read one Democratic Party official in a battle ground state said, I'd rather have real republicans to organize against that fake Democrats.  What upsets me is the shift in the narrative, the loss of whatever scraps of momentum progressive legislation may have had, and the complete and utter failure of the Obama administration and campaign apparatus to convince the American public of its accomplishments.

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