Craig's List Enables Crime, Shut It Down

If newspapers running classified ads were anything like th record companies and the RIAA, reports like these would be a jumping off point for a campaign to shut down the popular classifieds site,

What is the connection? Well, CraigsList enables all sorts of crime, real criminal crime, not just civil infractions, so CL is bad, and must be shut down.

The music labels that back the RIAA use similarly tortured logic to go after file sharing technology, demand DRM (Digital Restrictions Managment) and sue the pants off -- often unwitting -- internet users who may intentionally or accidentally make a music file available on their computer for other's to download.

Oh, if anyone is interested, I'd like to sell some really expensive jewlery tomorrow night around 10pm in the Muni Lot on Ludlow and Broome. It's a pretty quiet lot at night, so no one will disturb our transaction....

(I am kidding of course! Have fun on CL!)