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Heading To DrupalCon in Chicago

Next week I will be in Chicago for DrupalCon where I am organizing Ignite DrupalCon on Tuesday afternoon at 4:30pm.  I'll also be at the CivicActions booth (#70). So drop by and say hello.  In addition to DrupalCon, I will be at CiviCon on Monday.


Check out this awesome widget for finding sessions, created by one of the Ignite presenters, Shai Ben Yehuda.

Going to Gnomedex This Year

This year, for the first time since I have been in Seattle, I plan to attend Gnomedex.

Announcing ButchrPapr

[l:http://www.youtube.com/w/Butchrpapr.com?v=08gEcwizTU8&search=kriskrug|Me Talkin

Big Weekend at BarCamp

I spent the weekend at barcamp in NYC. Lots of cool conversations, interesting things learned and people met. I blogged a bit about it and did 5 podcasts, all over at [lk:civicactions.com/blog/2|Civi

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