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Heading To DrupalCon in Chicago

Next week I will be in Chicago for DrupalCon where I am organizing Ignite DrupalCon on Tuesday afternoon at 4:30pm.  I'll also be at the CivicActions booth (#70). So drop by and say hello.  In addition to DrupalCon, I will be at CiviCon on Monday.


Check out this awesome widget for finding sessions, created by one of the Ignite presenters, Shai Ben Yehuda.

Video Blogging!

I've started doing some video blogging:
I have posted some videos over at YouTube.com and rather than posting them all inline here, you can just go over there and watch them.

Announcing ButchrPapr

[l:http://www.youtube.com/w/Butchrpapr.com?v=08gEcwizTU8&search=kriskrug|Me Talkin

Back from Amsterdam with some observations.

I just returned from my trip to Amsterdam. The trip was primarily for [lk:civicactions.com|CivicActions] to have what we called an “off-site” which is kind of funny because we don't have a “site” so our 4 days spent on Amstelstraat would have better been described as an “on-site”. We engaged in the typical retreat exercises: trust falls, obstacle course and smores. Actually we did none of those. We did produce an amazing array of “wall charts” and other assorted notes. We met with [l:http://www.greenpeace.org/international/|Greenpeace International] (twice) and hung out with [lk:drupal.org|Drupal] developers from around the globe as well as a bunch of guys from [l:http://www.bryght.com|Bryght].

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